Retirement means saying “goodbye” to chores and “hello” to leisure living!

smiling man and woman residents sitting at dining table enjoying meal with caregiverIf you choose, The Woodlands housekeeping professionals will take care of your housework, freeing up your time to take advantage of all that retirement living has to offer.

Our housekeeping services include:

  • Scheduled cleanings
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Personal laundry (if requested; washer/dryers are also available in every apartment for resident use)

The Woodlands is committed to cleanliness throughout the building! We have staff dedicated to sanitizing and cleaning communal areas throughout the facility to ensure that we are providing the cleanest, most healthy, comfortable environment… always!


woodlands entrance with "Heroes work here!" sign over door

Keeping up with a family home can be costly, especially on a fixed income. While living at The Woodlands, all of your maintenance needs will be addressed at no cost. All of your appliances are covered by your rental agreement, meaning that, if anything breaks, we will fix it or replace it at no cost to you. You will never have to worry about replacing a roof, maintaining your property, or replacing any appliances.

We have an extremely skilled and efficient maintenance department that is here specifically for your needs. They are on-site every day and are on-call for any emergencies. Our maintenance department takes care of the inside of the building as well as your apartment. They also take significant pride in the care of the outside of the building… this is your home and you deserve nothing less.

Meal Services

3 smiling residents enjoying new year's eve dinner

A note from our Executive Chef, Jack Seamon:

Here at The Woodlands of Ocean Pines, we offer a unique combination of nutrition, flavor, and home-style cooking.

We take the nutrition of our residents very seriously in our kitchen—combining a low sodium, low trans-fat diet with a mix of herbs and spices that truly inspire the taste buds bringing out the natural flavors and qualities in everything we prepare.

We pride ourselves on providing diversity in our dishes. We offer three meals a day, and each week our menu is changed. For breakfast we offer eggs (in many different varieties), waffles, and pancakes, plus other specialty breakfasts such as eggs Benedict, frittatas, etc. For lunch, we also strive to offer a large variety of options. Every day we offer a choice of a grilled cheese sandwich, a deli sandwich, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cup of soup, OR  you can choose the “Daily Special.” For dinner, we like to offer two choices.  One choice is a meat or poultry offering while the other is usually a seafood choice. And, of course, we offer the finest dessert options with every dinner.

The residents are incredibly pleased and look forward to their meals each day. The dining room area has become not just a place to eat, but a social environment.  The residents look forward to sharing stories with each other and with the staff.

As the kitchen manager, I personally approach each resident in the dining room to hear their suggestions, their compliments and/or concerns, and to share a laugh or a short story.

In the 40 years that I have worked in the restaurant/food industry, the residents of The Woodlands of Ocean Pines have made this truly the most fulfilling “job” I have ever had. We as a kitchen staff strive, every day, to make the dining experience the best part of our residents’ days.

Jack Seamon
Executive Chef, The Woodlands of Ocean Pines