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Some of our loved ones may be eager to make a change and look forward to all that The Woodlands of Ocean Pines has to offer. We also understand that there are many seniors who are reluctant to leave their homes and are afraid of moving into the unknown.

Knowing when your loved one is ready to make the move to assisted living is key to a successful move. This is very personal and each prospective resident and family has their own concerns. Some important things to review are cognitive skills, the number of medical illnesses requiring monitoring, and longer-term physical, functional, and psychological conditions.

It is also important to make sure that your loved one is able to do daily basic tasks such as cooking, chores to keep personal space clean, and managing money for daily needs.


Research shows that it may not be the best option for the family budget, overall happiness, or quality of life in your golden years to remain at home. Assisted living is not a nursing home, despite what many people may think. The Woodlands Assisted Living is designed for each individual resident. Not all residents will need the same assistance. We are here to help evaluate your needs and customize your care program.

Assisted living communities offer many programs to keep their seniors active—from strength-building exercises that are catered to senior citizens, to aerobics and gardening. Staying active is fun. Organized group settings can help seniors both physical and mentally.

Living in your home alone is less social than living in a community surrounded by many others your age with similar interests. As people age, they get less social as they no longer need to go to work or have a declining desire to plan continual social events. Independent and assisted living communities do all the planning for you!

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