Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I/we buy at The Woodlands?

  • I/we are downsizing and getting rid of STUFF, I don't want your kids to take care of this for me.
  • I/we want security and convenience with everything I/we need in one building.
  • I/we don't like to think about cooking and cleanup after a day of play or work, and I like to grab some coffee and fruit before leaving for the day.
  • I/we like the privacy in the new condo, and be able to mingle with friends and neighbors when desired. I don't like to eat, watch movies or play cards alone.
  • Transportation, when needed, is a real plus for me/us.
  • I/we don't like to water the grass. It's been difficult to find reliable contractors to take care of my yard and home.
  • When I need help to change light bulbs, hang pictures, or put in a shelf, I like having the concierge arrange this for me.
  • I/we have sand chairs, umbrella, a cooler and golf bags to store in our first floor locker (cannot collect too much stuff again).
  • I/we feel better knowing emergency pendants or phone checks are available should I/we need them, and possible respite at Catered Living should I/we get sick.
  • I/we think this is a good investment because it is unique in this area.